9 Travel Accessories for Geeks to Take on Your Next Trip

Travel Accessories For Geeks

Whether you are traveling to another town for a night away, or jet-setting across the world on a magic adventure, some travel accessories to help you travel are a must, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. So don’t be afraid to fly your geek flag high, and check out these 8 travel accessories for geeks!

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1. Lego Luggage Tag

Lego Luggage Tags - travel accessories for geeks

You are never too old for Legos, and this fun luggage tag shows your enthusiasm while making your bag easier to identify. It also has a handy feature of having slide out contact information to help protect your privacy from wandering eyes, while at the same time still having your info attached to the bag should the two of you become separated. 

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2. Super Mario Travel Pillow

Super Mario Travel Pillow Boys Neck Pillow Geek by Happynightowls - travel accessories for geeks
Super Mario Travel Pillow Boys Neck Pillow Geek by Happynightowls

Neck pillows are a must for long flights. Save yourself

The creator Happynightowls has multiple custom made neck pillows from all different genres including a very cool Marvel Super Heros neck pillow in child sizes.

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3. Marvel Passport Holder

Passport Cover - travel accessories for geeks

Passports are a requirement for traveling abroad, but doesn’t mean they have to be boring. This is the passport case I personally have on mine. Although it doesn’t offer RFID protection, my bag does, so I fest it up and show off my fandom to boarder patrol!

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4. Sailor Moon Water Bottle

Sailor Moon Water Bottle - travel accessories for geeks

Stay hydrated to fight the negaverse in the streets of Tokyo with this Sailor Moon water bottle. Gotta love that Sailor Moon is popular again, so you can relive the 90’s and strike your best Sailor Moon pose while drinking it up!

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5. Poké Ball Portable Charger


Pokemon Go + Travel = Win. But Pokemon Go + Battery  life = Fail, but not with this Poke ball battery charger. This charger is claiming 6000mAh for 6 hours of Pokemon Go goodness. Will definitely look like you are on your own Pokemon adventure while sporting this thing on your hip.

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6.Star Wars Galactic Empire Travel Kit


This is a pretty slick toiletry bag for Star Wars fans. Unzipped it has a built in hanger to hang it up and plenty of space for toiletries. It has a clean, slick design that makes it appealing and convenient if you want a piece that supports your fandom, but at the same time keeping it subtle.

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7. Messenger Bag


No travel accessories for geeks list would be complete without a sweet bag to carry your travel swag in. There are too many amazing bags out there, it’s hard to only list a few. Whether you pick one more muted like the My Neighbor Totoro, or turn heads with this PlayStation bag, wear your fandom with pride while having all your gear on hand as your explore new destinations.

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8. Pokemon Pass Case


If you are heading to a big city like London or Tokyo, you will be relying a lot on public transpiration to get around. Most undergrounds rely on a rail pass. Don’t seem like tourist and have to dig through your wallet every time you need your rail pass. Whip out your pass case, tap the card and be on your way!

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9. Doctor Who Headphones

An airplane is by no means a tardis, but you can make it feel like you are somewhere else while rocking out to your favorite jams or BBC radio dramas  while sporting these wireless Doctor Who headphones.
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So that is our list of 9 travel accessories for geeks. Did we miss something you wanted to see, or have a suggestion, let us know!