Plane Tags – Owning My Own Piece of Aviation History Review

Plane Tags – Owning My Own Piece of Aviation History Review

It is no secret that I love travel for more than the location, but the journey it takes to get there. Yes, I am one of those odd people that love long layovers and being stuck in a giant metal tube for hours on end, but never the less aviation in all it’s forms excites me. So, when I stumbled across this little beauty I was over the moon!

MotoArts is a super cool company that makes amazing pieces of furniture out of the parts of airplanes past. Now these beautiful desks and displays are well outside my financial bracket, but they have taken the small scraps of metal they salvaged from these old airplanes and created an amazing piece of aviation history in the form of a unique luggage tag.

I wouldn’t mind attending meetings around a conference table like this.


As much as I needed another luggage tag like a hole in the head, I couldn’t pass these up, and ended up picking up a blue tag of a Boeing 777!

Made of of actual airplane these curved plane tags are durable (I  mean, they would have to be being an airplane and all) and are secured with a metal braided screw chain to make sure you don’t lose them. And trust me, you really don’t want to lose this baby.

The stock rotates based on what plane they are chopping up at the time, but the offer everything from World War II all the way up to today’s magnificent flying machines.

All the tags are engraved with the name of the plane and a photo of the actual plane itself. For planes with know serial or tail numbers, that is included as well.

My particular one comes from #N318MY a Boeing 777 leased by Malaysian Airlines before being sold to Delta Airlines for spare parts.  It is fun to be able to go on a website like and track the history of the actual piece of metal in my hands.

Here is a picture of the actual plane my tag came from.

777-200 being parted out.

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My only complaints about these guys is they can be a bit noisy depending on where you put them on your luggage as it is a piece of metal, and the wire braid they give you to hook it on with is a little small so it makes it a bit difficult to get on and off, otherwise these things are brilliant!

Plane Tags vary in price, from $24.95 up to $84.95. Some tags have the ability to be engraved with your information for an additional $5. If you keep an eye on their Facebook page, they even go one sale from time to time. All shipping is free both domestic and internationally.

You can purchase Plane Tags here:

Here is what the back of the Plane Tag looked like. I personally chose to not have my custom engraved as I do not like listing my home address on my tag. But you can easily write in what information you want with a Sharpie.

So if you are looking for an awesome piece for the plane loving wanderluster in your life, this is a unique an amazing piece. I absolutely love mine and wanted to share such a cool product with you! Mine ended up on my backpack/personal item.

plane tags on luggage


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