The New Inn – A Night’s Stay Back in Time

The New Inn – A Night’s Stay Back in Time

The New Inn is primarily a comfortable tavern with a sizable beer garden with a view of Salisbury Cathedral located in the heart of Salisbury England. This comfortable town sits outside of two wonderful heritage sites of England; Stonehenge  and Old Sarum. Salisbury is generally the tourists base of operations to see both. These two tourist attractions were exactly the reason I found myself standing in this sedated low ceiling tavern, for The New Inn was just that, an Inn, furnished with a few rooms above the tavern, just like you hear in your fantasy storybooks.

But this is no fantasy, and has history. Before locals were watching rugby games in the bar and tourists were booking the rooms on Airbnb this building once stood for a different purpose.

Although I had trouble finding out the exact history of the place, I did find that in two points of the Inn’s existence, it stood for the noble cause of housing workers who were building the cathedral in the 1320’s, and not so noble, as a brothel in the 13th century as well.

My husband and I booked a room for our one night out in Salisbury, and were quite excited by it’s charm. The property manager was very kind and showed us about, and let us know when we had to be back by, as after closing hours, you are locked in for the night.

The stairway leading up to the rooms looked like it was made for children. tiny steps that my husband with  his massive 13 size shoe had trouble walking on. Once we arrived upstairs, we were shown to our room, with the bathroom located across the hall.

Speaking of hallways, those that are tall may be a bit uncomfortable here. Not only is the ceiling of the pub already low, and the staircase small, but the hallway itself is a bit small. We didn’t mind ducking, and only found it added to the charm. You would definitely not find anything like it in America (pretty sure it would in no way be up to code here in the USA.)

Husband standing in upstairs hallway of The New Inn.

Our room kept true to the character of the inn and was furnished with a large vanity, and a big wooden bed. the closet draped with heavy tapestry. The room was equipped with a television, and it overlooked the street below.

the new inn bedroom

Despite being located on the street and a tavern below us, it was a surprisingly quiet night.

The bathroom, luckily, did not stick with the era and featured all updated fixtures, and even a heated towel rack! In the morning we were fed a wonderful English breakfast in front of a fireplace. It was truly a delight of a stay with all of the Inn’s quirks, and kind people. I would definitely recommend this place for a stay! It is only a short walk from the train station and centrally located.

The New Inn is located at 41-43 New St. In Salisbury, Wiltshire and can be found online at

The Inn is located a 10 minute walk from the train station. Tour buses that run out to Old Sarum and Stonehenge may be caught from here. 

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