Sunshine Blogger Award & Challenge Answers

Receiving the Sunshine Blogger Award & Challenge Answers

I am very excited and honored that I have been nominated by the wonderful Carry On, or Bust for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I am still a very new blogger, and am happy to find new friends in the blogosphere. 

sunshine blogger award

Info About the Sunshine Blogger Award

This nomination is from bloggers to bloggers. The award is given to those who inspire and bring sunshine into the lives of their readers and fellow bloggers.

The Questions Carry On, or Bust Gave Me:

Why do you travel? To learn, to experience, just to get away or…?

I travel to experience the world. I’m pretty introverted, so I haven’t exactly mastered the getting to know people abroad, but I want to! I love experiencing different culture and different foods. I created Michigan Gaijin with the sole purpose to share my experiences and meet other travel-minded people.

What’s the most memorable moment during your travels?

I was at an arcade in Tokyo and was trying a UFO catcher to win a cute tiny cat plush. I suck at crane games and I got it so close but gave up. As I went to walk away two girls were encouraging me to continue. I sad no, I’m bad, go ahead, and went to leave. I found my husband and had just walked out the door when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and one of the girls was holding out the cat and said: “Gift”. I was so taken aback, I still feel bad I didn’t offer her to pay her back, I was just so overcome she did that for me, I still have that cute little cat plush.

Go to book/film/TV series that makes you want to jump on the next plane?

Cabin Pressure. I love airplanes as much as I love travel, and this BBC radio show is hilarious. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch & John Finnemore, and is about “The world’s smallest airline”  and follows the day to day working life of it’s crew of four and the hijinks that follow.

Best tip for first time traveler?

Just do it! Pull the trigger, click buy! You will not regret it. If you wait around for the perfect time, it will never happen.

Does having a blog change the way you travel?

A little, I feel it makes me more aware of my surroundings and makes me look harder for unique experiences outside of the normal tourist destinations to report on. But it does not change the actual destination.

What was the moment you decided you were meant to travel?

I think it was after my first international trip. I got home and everything was so different for me. I realized how small and trivial things can be. It opened my eyes to an entirely different world. I realized where I worked was becoming toxic, and quit for greener pastures somewhere better. Now I feel most at home anywhere there is adventure.

Do you have a pre-travel ritual? If so what?

Multiple checklists. As a gal who once forgot to pack pants (don’t even ask, I have no idea what happened.) I make a list and double and triple check my packing. It is too a point it is a little cathartic to do to ease that pre-trip excitement energy.

Travelling with a romantic partner – yay or nay?

Yay only because he would be a sad husband if I left him behind, haha. I wouldn’t do it with a newly acquired significant other, as it can be very trying on a relationship. I love traveling with my husband, he is a great folio to my personality, and we love to experience things together. At the same time I also value the experience of solo travel. I do it often stateside, but do not feel as comfortable doing it internationally.

Where are you going next?

After a lot of international travel last year, this year I am staying mostly stateside to address some medical concerns that needs to be taken care of. But that does not mean the traveling stops. I am visiting every single Michigan State Park this year(103 parks!), as well as some other sights around the US and Canada. Not to mention I am planning Australia, Bangkok, and possibly another Japan trip for 2018.

My Nominations

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My Questions

  1. Where is your favorite spot in the world?
  2. Where are you going next?
  3. What are your go-to travel songs to get you in the mood?
  4. What is one misconception about travel you wish others would know?
  5. What inspired you to start a blog about your travel?
  6. Why do you travel?
  7. What do your relatives/family think about your traveling?
  8. What is the most delicious thing you have eaten in your travels and where?
  9. What do you never travel without?

Once nominated, if you choose to accept, write a post where you:

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