Loop Travel Adapter Product Review

Loop Travel Plug Adapter Review

In a perfect world, we would have a universally standardized electrical system, and no matter where you went you could just plug in your appliance or electronic and away we go to full battery life with no need of a travel adapter. Unfortunately the world does not work that way, and not only do we have different voltages around the world, we have a plethora of different plugs as well. Recently I took advantage of Icelandic Air’s free layover program to stay a few days in Reykjavik after visiting the UK. Both take different outlet plugs, and take 220 – 240 volt over our American 100 – 127.

Now, a lot of plug adapters come in different pieces where you snap in the different plugs to change it. I have bad luck with parts and pieces, so I was looking for a device that had everything in one enter: The Loop Plug Adapter.

It is very important to note, The Loop Plug Adapter is ONLY a plug adapter and NOT a voltage converter. I had a USB hub that could handle both voltages that I plugged into the device. This device WILL NOT allow you to plug things like your hair dryer directly into an outlet. But if you are like me, and running devices that can handle both voltages this may be just the right gadget for you.

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Pros: All the plugs are all in one unit, comes with an additional fuse, cute colors, compact, two built in usb ports

Cons: May have issues staying in loose plugs, not a voltage converter

I found the Loop travel adapter very dependable and able to handle a good load, we had a dual voltage 6 port USB charger with all ports full, as well as the two USB slots on the actual device plugged in for a total of 8 devices charging at once and it performed like a champ. I love that I can just throw it in my bag and go.

The nice thing about USB is you do not have to worry about voltage conversions because the plug into your wall socket already converts the energy to a different voltage. So as long as your object plugging into the wall can handle the increased voltage, like my 6  Port USB Charger, then it is not an issue. But as stated before, if your device is not rated for different currents, you need a converter!!

When researching the product, some users stated they experienced issues with it falling out of the socket. All the sockets I used in both the UK and Iceland were both snug fits and I did not have any issues with them, so be aware of that.  The plugs slide out and lock into place so as you are pushing it into the wall it does not retract.

I ended up really liking this plug adapter. I wanted something that was all in one so no parts could get lost between travels or in storage at home.

The loop travel adapter comes in 4 colors: black, blue, pink and white.

If you want one of your own and want to support the site, check it out using my affiliate link below!

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