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Welcome to Michigan Gaijin!

Michigan Gaijin is a geek oriented travel blog dedicated to breaking up the normal everyday grind and starting your own quest for adventure.

Sometimes in life you can feel like an NPC. Repeating the same phrases and actions day in and day out. One day I had enough, and soon discovered that travel is possible, even on a tight budget. So I stopped being an NPC and became an adventurer. And I want to show you how to do the same!

I hope you find something you like!

Posting Schedule

I post 3 times a week.

Mondays:  Travel news where I spotlight what is going on in the travel world, as well as interesting websites, products, events, and other travelers worth checking out.

Wednesdays: Fandom news, convention coverage, reviews.

Fridays: Personal Travel Blog Post or Video about my daily adventures and trying to find a slice of adventure here in Michigan to quench my wanderlust until I travel again.

Plus whatever else pops up thought the week that tickles my fancy!


I am a blogger, a previous convention runner, and a terrible sufferer of wanderlust.

I enjoy reading, travel, and learning new things.
Born and raised in Michigan, my first trip to Tokyo happened in 2014 and I fell in love. Now I work with my husband to pursue our dreams of traveling the world!



Lucas loves podcasts, video games, and running his YouTube page LetsBlankToday. Where he covers video games, builds model kits, and does reviews of geeky products.


We hope you enjoy my site! Please feel free to drop me a line at michigangaijin@gmail.com

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