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You may be wondering why, when clicking the Northern Michigan Anime Convention‘s (NMACon) website, you are directed to this page.

We are here to hopefully give you some answers about the future of NMACon.

Who Are We: We are Michigan Gaijin, a blog all about Japan, travel, anime, and bringing a little slice of the land of the rising sun home to Michigan.

Our owner is a staff member of NMACon, and in hopes of keeping NMACon alive, has taken over the website to better explain what is going on, and the future of NMACon.

Why is There No NMACon This Year/Last Year: NMACon was ran by an anime club of the local college. When the anime club decided they did not wish to continue the tradition after the last chair graduated, all convention funds went back to the club.

What Does This Mean for the Future of the Northern Michigan Anime Convention?: At this time, NMACon’s future is up in the air. There are many staff members that wish to revive NMACon, but will not be able to do it without your support. Two major components to running a convention include money, and people. Money can be fundraised, sponsored, and found, but without the staff and support there is no way we can continue.

We will be posting here more information on how you can help in the future, or you can contact us at info@michigangaijin.com for any other questions you may have.


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